Modeling the 1/32 Apollo spacecraft

After designing and completing a 1/32 lunar module I decided to build the 1/32 Monogram Apollo spacecraft to go along the LM. The Command & Services Modules have a cutaway allowing to see the main displays of the Command Module and for the service module the fuel cells quadrant and the fuel tanks. Many space modelers have decided not to show this cutaway to be closer to reality. However I think you can still be close to reality while showing the complexity of the vehicle.

Unfortunatly, although the kit is great some parts such as the CM displays are just impossible to show. The current representation is only green stickers that vaguely ressemble the real spacecraft. Realspace and NewWare are proposing some conversion kits to replace these stickers, however the difficulty here is that the kits use the Monogram platic parts as a support, modifying the proper dimension of the displays and not allowing to have a full set of control panels if you don't want to have the cutaway version.

It also happened that the astronaut couches in the kit are wrong (too small). For all these reasons I decided to entirely recreate all Command Module control panels and astronaut couches and offer than on Shapeways