Modelling the 1/32 Lunar Module

A few years ago I decided to build a 1/24 very accurate model of the Lunar Module. This endeavour took me four and a half years during which I made extensive research and created a model that is probably unchallenged at the time I write these lines. I saw many people using the material I put on the web trying to build their own 1/24 model or simply accurazing the Revell or Monogram 1/48 LM.

In the mean time I heard many wishes for a 1/32 model, not just because it would be bigger than the current 1/48 model, but also would be the perfect companion to the 1/32 Monogram Command and Service module. Besides since my model is now in the Gagarin Museum in Baikonur, I feel something is missing and a new LM model would be nice.

With the development of 3D printing I saw an opportunity to offer a semi-scratch 1/32 model of the Lunar Module. The basic idea was to resize my 1/24 blueprints and explain how to assemble the model by simply using patterns and Evergreen styrene for simple parts and make available more complex part on shapeways. All part are available on a specific store dedicated to the 1/32 lunar module :

If you have a 3D printer you can also download the parts on Cult3D. Before buying the parts you can have a look at the instruction booklets for the Descent Stage, the Ascent Stage or the Lunar Rover.

While I was designing the parts, requests came for a 1/24 model as well. I then decided to upscale my parts and make them available at 1/24. In the shop you will find a specific section called 1/24 Lunar Module where 1/24 parts are available. The instructions below remain the same.

In the following instructions the orientation of the lunar module is given in terms of axis or direction, the following diagrams give the orientation definitions.

Credit : NASA + Karl Dodenhoff

You can refer to this web site for building this model and download the instruction booklets