Most of the film magazines taken during the Apollo flights have been scanned in high resolution format and made available on the web through the "Project Apollo Archive" ( I used these images to create panoramas using Panorama Maker from Arcsoft. In the same spirit as Olivier de Goursac in his book  Lune  I  cleaned  the images, removing scratches and cross hair references for instance. The results are photos of how the Moon appeared to Astronauts. In some instances since the astronaut not taking the photos moved, he may appear twice on the panorama. In other case I had to used details from more that one mission to recreate some missing details. This is indicated for each panorama. Here are some of the results of my work. You can click on each image to get access to a particular mission and then click on each individual image to get a full high resolution picture for printing. Comments on each panorama is partly quoted from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal which I used as a reference.


Apollo 11

Apollo 12

Apollo 14

Apollo 15

Apollo 16

Apollo 17