Diagrams of Shenzhou

In March 2003 the CNES French Space Agency received a delegation from China Satellite Launch & Tracking Control. On this occasion CNES was offered a 1/40 brass model of the shenzhou spacecraft. I was given the opportuny to use this model to take measurements and photographs. The result are the diagrams below in pdf format, the 1/40 scale have been converted into full scale and 1/48 measurements. All indications are in centimeters. My plan is to use these diagrams and photographs to scratchbuild a 1/48 Shenzhou in order to fit it into my Dragon 1/48 Long March 2E model which I also plan to convert into a Long March 2F for the occasion.

I hope this will be helpfull for all fellow real space modelers.

Vincent Meens - May 2003