Space shuttle Launch Complex 39A

For this model I used the Revell 1/144 launch tower space shuttle. The launch pad is entirely scratch built as well as the crawler. The main tower is partly grey, partly red as the photos I had showed it during repainting between the current "shuttle grey" and the former "Apollo red".

You can also find a good photograph of the space shuttle launch pad in the Reference section. A few photographs of the construction of the pad are also available in the Model Information Section. Following the construction of this model Frank McVeigh has also built a similar model, his work is really terrific and a few shots are available here.

See also other images from an other model in the 1997 IPMS/USA National Convention and a model built by H. Dusseljee in the Netherland

The following images are also available from the excellent Sven Knudson web site in Gallery 6 of US manned spacecraft.



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