Here are a few photographs of the construction of the concrete space shuttle launch pad. The towers and the space shuttle are originally REVELL models at the scale 1/144. The concrete launch pad is entirely scratch built and made out of wood, cardboard and wires.

Many photographs of the completed launch pad are available in the model gallery section.

1. Drawing the blueprint and cutting the first wood parts

2. Assembling the various wood parts of the concrete launch pad

3. The structure of the concrete pad is complete. It is then sanded and varnished

4. The slabs are done by  scratching the wood surface with a nail

5. The various pipes are installed using different types of wires

6. Painting of the concrete pad begins

7. The concrete pad is all painted in light sand color but the pipes and details still need to be colored

8. The details are then painted, the space shuttle launch pad is now completed

Photos Vincent Meens, 1988, 1989