Modelling the 1/48 Apollo Command & Service Module during trans-Earth EVA
and the 1/48 Orion spacecraft

As of September 2023 my current project is to build a 1/48 Apollo spacecraft depicting the trans-Earth EVA during the last Apollo flight, Apollo XVII in December 1972 and to design and build a 1/48 Orion spacecraft prior to the ARTEMIS 2 flight scheduled for the the end of 2024.

I expect to complete the Orion model in the first half of 2024 to allow space model builders to make their own model prior to launch. All parts for the Apollo CSM are available on Cult3D, the Orion parts will be available once completed.

Click on the images herebelow to get access to the STL files for printing and to the instruction booklets.

Parts on Cult3D Apollo instruction booklet Orion instruction booklet

By clicking of the following pictures you will get a complete description on how to build these models.


ORION spacecraft

Service Module

Crew Compartment