Drawings and 1/20 Lunokhod 2 model by Serge Gracieux


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All drawing and photographs by Serge Gracieux
In 1974, while studying with the Bordeaux school of Arts, Serge Gracieux had the idea to benefit from an exhibition in trying to share his passion for outer space exploration. He carried out lead pencil drawings of Lunokhod 1 according to a sketch published at the time in the Spirou cartoon magazine.

To show progress between the two Lunokhod probes, he also realized on a reconstituted lunar ground, a 1/20 scale model of Lunokhod 2 with most of the equipment articulated.

In 1977,on the occasion of a meeting organized in Lyon by Albert Ducrocq and the "Cosmos Club de France", he took along the numbered photograph of Lunokhod 2 and made sign some personalities. In addition to the signatures of: Leonid Sedov and Carl Merrit, one finds the signatures of 9 astronauts and cosmonauts: Jerry Carr, Bill Pogue, James Lovel, Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin, Don Eisele, Ed Mitchell, Djanibekov and Makarov.

A few years later Serge Gracieux was admitted in the Lavochkin museum to attend the opening of the lid of the Lunokhod pressure cooker and saw turning the wheels of Lunakhod 3 which is represented in the reference section. See is a great word, it is especially to hear. Fortunately there is no sound on the Moon since it was a noisy animal.

Serge also made a few years ago several drawings which are depicting very precisely what a Soviet N1-L3 lunar mission would have been.

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