Modelling the 1/48 BLACK ARROW rocket

BLACK ARROW, was a British satellite carrier rocket. Developed during the 1960s, it was used for four launches between 1969 and 1971, all launched from the Woomera Prohibited Area in Australia. Its final flight was the first and only successful orbital launch to be conducted by the United Kingdom, and placed the Prospero satellite into low Earth orbit.

Black Arrow originated from studies by the Royal Aircraft Establishment for carrier rockets based on the Black Knight rocket, with the project being authorised in 1964. It was initially developed by Saunders-Roe, and later Westland Aircraft as the result of a merger.

Black Arrow was a three-stage rocket, fuelled by RP-1 paraffin (kerosene) and high test peroxide, a concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide (85% hydrogen peroxide + 15% water). It was retired after only four launches in favour of using American Scout rockets, which the Ministry of Defence calculated to be cheaper than maintaining the Black Arrow programme. (source Wikipedia)

The funny thing  is that the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Frederick Corfield, announced the cancellation of the Black Arrow project in the House of Commons on 29 July 1971. As the R3 rocket had already been shipped to the launch site, the second stage having arrived three days earlier, permission was given for it to be launched.

BLACK ARROW R3 remains to this day the only successful launch of a cancelled project.

Parts needed to build the model

All parts needed to build this model are available for download as STL files on Cult3D. Since the model is highly detailled some files are too big to be uploaded on a third party printing company such as Shapeways. You will need a 3D resin printer for this model, a FDM printer can be used if  you intend to upscale your model to a larger scale but will not be usable for the 1/48 model.

Decals are also provided on Cult3D for either white and transparent papers.

Building the model

By clicking of the following pictures you will get a complete description on how to build this model.

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04A.jpg 04B.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg
07A.jpg 07B.jpg 08A.jpg 08B.jpg 09A.jpg 09B.jpg 10A.jpg
10B.jpg 11A.jpg 11B.jpg 12A.jpg 12b.jpg 13A.jpg 13B.jpg
14A.jpg 14B.jpg 14C.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg