Omnidirectional antennas

The first work was to build the antenna attachment points, for this I used two small squares of 0.75 mm styrene, glued together and then cut to give it its pyramidal shape (figure 37). The antennas itself were then assembled, I used 0.88 mm diameter styren rods covered with telephone wire insulation, the small cone at the base of the antenna was made of 3.2 mm styren rod (figures 38). The antenna was then assembled along with the connectors and the test pattern on one of the back antennas (figures 39). The antennas were then painted and fixed onto the Lunokhod body (figures 40). This completed the work on the various antennas.
Fig 37 : Antenna attachment points - September 2004
Fig 38a, b : Omnidirectional antennas - September 2004
Fig 39a, b : Antenna assembly - September 2004
Fig 40a, b : Completed omnidirectional antennas - September 2004
Photos Vincent Meens - Septembre 2004

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