Detailled drawings of the N1-L3 launcher

These drawings are published under the kind authorization of Alexander Shliadinski from St Petersburg. They were originally published in the article "N-1: Sovershenno Sekretno" by Igo Afanasev and Alexandra Shlyadisnkogo, Krilya Rodini, 1993, nos. 9 and 10. These were used by Peter Always to draw the N1-l3 in his books "Rocket of the World". High resolution pictures are offered here that can be used for printing and reference.

Mr Shliadinski is not only a talented drawer, he is also a fine modeller and can be seen launching a 1/14 scale Diamant B rocket.

Models of the N1-L3 rocket can be found on the web here are some links to N1-L3 models: : This page contains a paper model of the N1-L3 model (scale 1/144) that can be downloaded free of charge, Great Stuff : Realspace is marketing a resin kit of the N1-L3 model

Here are also a few photographs of the LOK


All kinds of information can be found in the N1 Photo clearing house that not only provides most of the available N1-L3 photogrpahs on the web but also links to all major N1-L3 web sites