Sceneries for FS 2002 

Apart from building spacecraft models I also like to fly around using Flight Simulator 2002. In this SIM, you have the ability to create add-ons sceneries and aircraft to enhance the visual effects of the software and add more realism to your simulation. A couple of years ago a talented fellow simmer, Patrick Castay, created the scenery for Toulouse-Lasbordes airport which is quite close to where I live. It soon became my favorite airport, being able to fly around the place where I live.

It happens that this airport is very close from the "Cité de l'Espace" or City of Space, a famous space museum here in Toulouse that has displayed in the outside park the fullscale mockups of the Ariane V launcher, the Mir space station, the Soyuz, XMM and ERS 1 spacecraft. There is only the motorway between that museum and Lasbordes Airport.

I consider this add-on as an add-on to the Lasbordes scenery developed by Patrick Castay. This scenery can be downloaded on Patrick's web site.

If you want to take the opportunity to fly around the South West of France I also strongly encourage to download Auch Lamothe Airport also available on Patrick Castay's web site and the 82VFR scenery that comprises 8 aerodromes around Lasbordes.

For this scenery I am using the following programs :

Buses and cars are from Horst Weingaertner

People from the Cité de l'Espace have also helped me in providing the necessary information on the position of the various buildings. In particular Serge Gracieux who is already know from Space modellers for his drawings of the N1-L3 mission.

This scenery also contains three flights, these three flights (Lasbordes Approach, Lasbordes Approach 2 and Lasbordes Helicopter) can be selected in the directory "my saved flight" under FS 2002. Little Easter egg, if you take the 150° heading, you will fly over my house after about 3 minutes of flight.

This scenery has three levels of details (very sparse, normal and dense) in order for it to work with most of the configuration. Seasonnal and night textures are included.

Some screenshots are available herebelow:


This scenery must be considered as an addon to the Toulouse Lasbordes (LFCL) scenery designed by Patrick Castay. It is highly recommended to install first this brilliant scenery which can be downloaded on the author web site at

This scenery requires the Airport textures ( which can be downloaded here. If you have already installed and used the Toulouse Lasbordes scenery, these textures are already on your hard disk, there is no need to download them.

If you want more information on the Cité de l'Espace you can consult the official web site at

Comments on this scenery and its installation can be sent to